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This Cinnamon & Fraser fir scented candle smells like heaven! Sprinkled with Garnet and Green Aventurine crystals. Garnet helps you find inner strength to get projects moving & connect with your passion. Green Aventurine helps you maintain energy & optimism in challenging times and is the stone of prosperity & luck. Both crystals are so perfect for the winter & Yule season! The cork lid is decorated with rosemary sprigs, a cinnamon scented pinecone, and a bay leaf. The bay leaf was included to easily slip off for writing intentions on it and burning it in your Yule candle fire! Please use a cauldron or fire safe bowl to burn the bay leaf in after you light it! Made with soy wax in a 100% recycled glass jar. These are 10 oz candles.

Yuletide Candle

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