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The Witch's Athame is inspired by a tool used in witchcraft called the Athame. An Athame is a ceremonial dagger used to direct energy during a ceremony and is used for ritual or magickal purposes only. This piece features an Aegirine blade and a heat treated Amethyst gem detailed on the top of the Athame. Aegirine is a very strong stone that operates on a high vibrational frequency. It aids in clearing and protecting, especially that of which is filled with negative energy. It’s a confidence driven stone and will help with anyone who is feeling a lack of self-love and appreciation. It helps you realize your own strength, and in turn you’ll be able to attract the positive energy you may not have realized was even around you. The pendant is about 4.5" long and hangs on an 18" chain with 1" jump ring extention. 

Witch's Athame

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