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This statement piece is dripping in the energy of the Water element. She was created to be a talisman of water & feminine energy for a goddess who works/associates most with the element of water!

Created with a real hand collected Oyster shell, a large Rainbow Moonstone cab, 2 Aquamarine pillars, & 2 Rainbow Moonstone spikes (one was slightly chipped during creation)

Rainbow Moonstone:

🌙 Brings balance, harmony, & hope

🌙 Assists in harnessing feminine energy

🌙 Enhances creativity, intuition, & psychic powers


💧Stone of courage

💧Reduces stress & quiets the mind

💧Stone for sensitive people & empaths

💧Clarifies perception & clears confusion

💧Promotes self expression

💧Sharpens intuition

💧Connected to the Water element

This piece is stunning to say the least and has such amazing flashes from all 3 Rainbow Moonstones in the light!

Comes on a matching 20” chain.

Water Goddess Necklace

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