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♍️ VIRGO ♍️

The Maiden • The Thinker • The Perfectionist

This piece features a Moss Agate crystal carved into Virgo’s archetype of The Maiden. On top of her head sits her crown of Green Chlorite Quartz crystals.

Virgo is a mutable sign in the element of Earth 🌿

Some characteristics of Virgo: practical, reliable, meticulous, and analytical!

Virgo can benefit from the energy of both Moss Agate & Green Chlorite Quartz!

Moss Agate:

💚 Allows Virgo to slow down & take a break, tuning into the present moment

💚 Grounding crystal whose practical quality allows Virgo to work in harmony with it

💚 Encourages goal setting & personal growth

Green Chlorite Quartz:

🌿 Assists in complete total healing

🌿 Used for manifestation of abundance

Comes on a matching 22” chain.

Two available, swipe through to see!

Virgo Necklaces

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