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Snakes are one of the most prominent symbols in regards to the Divine Feminine.

This piece was created to connect you to the sacredness of Feminine energy through snake medicine.

Snakes have been depicted as both “bad” and “good” since the beginning of time. Snakes have been symbolized as both evil & chaos as well as fertility, life, & healing.

I’m spirituality, snakes represent:

🐍 Creative Life Force

🐍 Fertility

🐍 Rebirth

🐍 Transformation

🐍 Immortality

🐍 Healing

🐍 Earth energy

🐍 Feminine s.e.xual energy

This necklace will help you understand duality, and relax into your feminine essence.

Only one available.

Oxidized carved copper snake, comes on a matching 18” chain.

Snake Necklace

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