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The Archer • The Centaur

This piece is shaped as a bow & arrow to honor the Sagittarius archetype of The Archer! It is paired with a Lapis Lazuli crystal “arrow” as this is one of the birthstones associated with the sign.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign in the element of Fire. 🔥

A few characteristics of Sagittarius: adaptable, adventurous, philosophical, and humorous.

Sagittarius signs can benefit from the energy of Lapis Lazuli!

Lapis Lazuli:
💙 Connects you with higher consciousness
💙 Stone of truth
💙 Encourages to speak your truth with wisdom
💙 Helps with communication issues

2 available- one is smaller, one is larger!
See photos with label on bottom left corner.

Piece 1- 2” long on 20” matching chain
Piece 2- 2.5” long on 20” matching chain

Sagittarius Necklace

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