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These Evil Eye Protection wall amulets were made with the intention of protecting the home. The evil eye is a symbol of protection in my culture in Greece. The evil eye, or mati, provides protection from evil spirits, bad luck, and evil negative energy that can be given to you by someone’s jealousy, anger, or hostility. Hanging from the eye is Black Tourmaline and 2 Clear Quartz crystals. Black Tourmaline is an extremely protective stone that repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attack. It harmonizes chaos within you and your surroundings and is an excellent stone for spiritual grounding. Clear Quartz protects against negative energy and will transmute it to positive energy. As a pure and powerful energy source, Clear Quartz amplifies the energies and effects of other crystals, which is why I placed one on each side of the Black Tourmaline. This amulet is perfect to hang in a bedroom, by or on the front door, or anywhere you feel can use some spiritual protection. Handmade with the highest intentions. Amulets measures around 7.5” long and 4” wide. Please keep in mind each amulet slightly varies.

Protection Wall Amulets

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