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These Protection Herbal Bundles were created with Rosemary, Lavender, Garden Sage, & a Black Tourmaline crystal. The intention for these bundles is to protect your energy or a space. You can burn the herbal bundle or just keep it in a space to add beauty and protection. The Rosemary & Lavender in this batch was organically grown in Greece and the Garden Sage is from my very own garden! All of the herbs included are known for their Protective qualities! Black Tourmaline is an extremely protective stone that repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attack. It harmonizes chaos within you and your surroundings and is an excellent stone for spiritual grounding. I hand tied these herbal bundles while infusing them with the sounds of Protection mantras and the highest intentions to serve you.

Please keep in mind the Garden Sage has dried since taking this photo so will not be as bright. When your herbal bundle is getting low, remove Black Tourmaline crystal as to not damage the Crystal while burning!

Protection Herbal Bundle

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