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♓️ PISCES ♓️


The Fish • The Dreamer • The Mystic 


This piece features 2 fish that symbolize the Pisces archetype of the Fish. In the Center is a Chevron Amethyst crystal. 


Pisces is a mutable sign in the element of Water 🌊


A few characteristics of Pisces: creative, intuitive, imaginative, spiritual, and sensitive.


Pisces signs can benefit from the energy of Chevron Amethyst!


Chevron Amethyst:

💜 Combines high spirituality of Amethyst & gentle support of White Quartz

💜 Provides courage to follow your Spiritual callings in your life

💜 Balances the mind

💜 Opens the mind to higher consciousness

💜 Works with the Third Eye & Crown chakras


Comes on a matching 22” chain. 

Pisces Necklace

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