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Inspired by angelic, peaceful energy for the holidays. This orange slice is dehydrated and decorated with white pompous, eucalyptus, cinnamon scented pinecone, and 3 gold bells.

Orange- creativity, energy & vitality, fertility, joy & good luck, prosperity & abundance

Eucalyptus- strength, protection, abundance, health

Pompous- snowy peaceful energy of Winter!

Pinecone- human enlightenment, resurrection, eternal life, regeneration

Gold Bells- symbol of connection between heaven & earth, connection with divine, invites archangels or the fae into circle for protection or wisdom, clears out negative energy

Made with the highest intentions to bring peace to your home! Hang on your tree for the holidays or in your house year round!

Please keep in mind each ornament will slightly vary.

Peaceful Blessings Ornament

$14.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
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