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Palm Root Moon Necklace 🖤🌙

When the palm roots of Indonesian palm trees sunk their roots into Mother Earth millions of years ago, they began their transformative process into the crystalline structure we now call Palm Root.

Palm Root holds within it all 4 elements- the earthy wood it was and was rebirthed from, the fiery heat from the sun & earth that nursed it, the air it photosynthesized as its life as a tree, and the water that allowed it’s inner structure to transform.

Palm Root:

🖤 Grounding stone

🖤 Dissolves fear

🖤 Releases & heals outdated energies or stories

🖤 Stabilizes spiritual upgrades

🖤 Carries earth energy

🖤 Supports ancestral healing work

🖤 Balances the Root Chakra

🖤 Increases your life force energy

Three available, please keep in mind all pieces are unique as no crystal or copper coating is alike, so each piece slightly differs. The piece you receive may not be the exact piece pictured.

Comes on a matching 20” chain.

Palm Root Moon Necklace

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