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Created with herbs and crystals to support the journey of a new beginning… just in time for your New Year Intention.

Each herb carries its own energetic purpose to the spell bottle and combined with the properties of Labradorite, Bay Leaf, and Blue Kyanite they work harmoniously to guide you through a new beginning.

*Bay Leaf- Brings healing, protection, purification, wishes, success, and cleansing.
*Labradorite- Stone of Transformation, is amazing when it comes to new beginnings, awareness, visioning, and going after your soul’s desires. A useful companion through change by imparting strength and perseverance.
*Blue Kyanite- Soothing stone that brings forth honest communication and allows you to move forward without worrying too much about what others think, both of which are essential qualities when starting something new! Encourages self belief, allowing you to venture into new beginnings with confidence and clarity.

The rest of the herbs I magickally packed into these bottles bring forth the same energy as support!

These can be placed in your sacred space, bedroom, meditated with, or carried to support the intention. The only thing you can’t do is open it!

New Beginnings Spell Jar

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