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Mugwort Magika 🌿✨

Mugwort is a powerful visionary herb that has been used for centuries to connect us to the spiritual realms.

Mugwort enhances intuition, psychic powers, and dream work. It is connected to the Moon, and this can be reflected in its silvery underside. 🌙

One may take Mugwort in a tea before bed to encourage lucid or prophetic dreaming and to be provided dream recall in the morning.

This necklace was created using a real Mugwort leaf that is now sealed in copper. It is decorated with a faceted Clear Quartz crystal that acts as a window to allow you to see the green of the Mugwort leaf below 🍃

This piece will connect you to the mystical properties of Mugwort, while also providing spiritual protection in the physical and spiritual realms.

Mugwort has been used since ancient times to protect travelers against evil spirits & wild animals.

Currently only one available.

Comes on a matching 20” chain.

Mugwort Magika

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