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For the fairy gal connected to the moon & committed to her spiritual path.

These pieces feature gorgeous Vera Cruz Amethyst and topped with Rainbow Moonstone crescent moons.

Vera Cruz Amethyst:

💜 Very high vibration

💜 More vibrant energy of all Amethysts

💜 Angelic Connection

💜 Can help accelerate personal & spiritual growth exponentially

Rainbow Moonstone:

🌙 Brings balance, harmony, & hope

🌙 Assists in harnessing feminine energy

🌙 Enhances creativity, intuition, & psychic powers

These pieces are so incredibly high vibrational and yet soothing to the spirit.

There are 2 pieces available, both vary in size.

Both come on a 20” matching chain.

Lunar Fairy Wand Necklaces

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