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♌️ LEO ♌️

The Lion • The King/Queen • The Performer

This piece features Leo’s archetype of the Lion sitting atop a Rutilated Quartz point.

Leo is a fixed sign in the element of Fire 🔥

A few characteristics of Leo: enthusiastic, creative, loyal, and warm-hearted!

Leo can benefit from the energy of Rutilated Quartz!

Rutilated Quartz:

💛 Assists Leo’s strong desire to manifest their wildest dreams

💛 Its high energetic frequency intensifies the thoughts of Leo- if positive it doubles that!

💛 Balances the solar plexus chakra which is the center of Confidence- where Leo draws this from.

💛 Enhances creativity

Comes on a matching 22” chain.

Only one available.

Leo Necklace

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