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This piece is stunning in its appearance and energy.

The wings of the butterfly are Iris Agate crystals and the body is Clear Quartz.

Iris Agate when held up to the sun or light source (sun is best) shines a rainbow of colors through its banding. It’s amazing to witness in real life!

It separates transmitted light into spectral colors! ✨

In Greek, iris translates to “rainbow” or “rainbow-like appearance.” In Greek mythology, Iris is also a messenger of the gods and the personification of the rainbow. 

Iris Agate:

🌈 Wish granting crystal

🌈 Incredibly transformative

🌈 Powerful stone for manifesting

🌈 Universal Chakra stone, balances all 7 main chakra centers of the body

Clear Quartz:

💎 The ‘All Healer’ Crystal

💎 Balances all chakras but specifically the Crown Chakra

💎 Powerful amplifier

💎 Purifying

💎 Brings deep clarity

Comes on a matching 18” chain.

This piece is extremely delicate not only in the copper framing but in the Iris agate wings. Please be very gentle with its physical form and it’s energy.

Iris Agate Butterfly Necklace

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