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Herkimer Diamond:

✨ Stone of Attunement

✨ Quartz of high vibrational light

✨ Helps clear energies that are keeping you stagnant

✨ Assists in spirit guide connection

✨ Clears & balances the Crown & Third eye chakras

Each crystal also has a rainbow perfectly nested in its crystalline juiciness! 🌈

Even if there were no other reasons to love this crystal, the rainbows they create are reason enough!

This crystal really is an amazing crystal to work with as we enter a new year with intentions we are planting for ourselves 🙏🏼

Electroformed in copper & oxidized to a gunmetal finish. Comes on a matching 18”-19” chain. Necklace will be chosen for you intuitively, if you prefer 18” or 19” please specify in checkout comments.

Herkimer Diamond Necklaces

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