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♊️ GEMINI ♊️

The Twins • The Storyteller • The Teacher

This piece features the head and hair of 2 woman that symbolize the Gemini archetype of The Twins. The “heads” are Tomsonite crystals. In the Center is a Clear Quartz crystal which balances the Twin energies & amplified the energy of Tomsonite.

Gemini is a mutable sign in the element of Air 🌬

A few characteristics of Gemini: adaptable, witty, curious, and social!

Gemini signs can benefit from the energy of Tomsonite!


🧡 Helps balance Gemini’s multifaceted personalities

🧡 Provides mental clarity

🧡 Promotes emotional balance

🧡 Allows spiritual connection

🧡 Helps Gemini with full mind, body, spirit health & balance

Comes on a matching 22” chain.

One available.

Gemini Necklace

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