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♈️ ARIES ♈️


The Ram • The Warrior • The Daredevil 


This piece is shaped like a goat head with horns to represent the Aries archetype of The Ram. In the center is a Golden Rutile Quartz. 


Aries is a Cardinal sign in the element of Fire 🔥


A few characteristics of Aries: daring, independent, optimistic, energetic, passionate, & determined. 


Aries signs can benefit from the energy of Golden Rutile Quartz!


Golden Rutile Quartz:


💛 Restores your energy body

💛 Can help enhance physical & mental stability 

💛 Inspires passion & creativity 

💛 Electric filled energy magnifies the energy of affirmations & manifestations

💛 Unblocks & balances all chakras for full body wellness 


Comes on a matching 18” chain.

Aries Necklaces

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