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The Water Bearer • The Vessel • The Innovator

This piece is shaped like a Vase with water pouring out of it which is the symbol & archetype of Aquarius- The Water Bearer. the Water vessel is a Blue Chalcedony crystal & in the water has specks of Labradorite to represent the “magick” that Aquarius pours out of them!

Aquarius is a fixed sign in the element of Air 🌬

A few characteristics of Aquarius: individualistic, progressive, eccentric, intellectual & creative.

Aquarius signs can benefit from the energy of Blue Chalcedony!

Blue Chalcedony:
💙 The Speaker’s Stone
💙 Empowers communication & authentic thought
💙 Balances & strengthens the Throat Chakra
💙 Enhances mental flexibility
💙 Can help Aquarians nurture their emotions

Comes on a matching 22” chain. A true statement piece!

Aquarius Necklace

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