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Ready to heal your heart and welcome in the highest version of love? 💓✨👇🏼I know it is especially hard this time of year around Valentine’s Day if you have experienced a wounding in love or if you are experiencing blockages in love.I see you. 💓That is why I shifted the focus for my “Valentine’s Day” offering to be one of service to the healing of the Heart Chakra - Anahata 💞These 2 necklaces feature the powerful crystal of Ruby in Zoisite.


❣️ Releases stagnation by getting your blood flowing both physically & energetically❣️ Stone of Passion❣️ Opens blocked channels in the Heart Chakra


💚 Inspires growth & fertility💚 Strengthens the Heart Chakra💚 Helps with Acceptance & appreciation of what is good

Together as Ruby Zoisite:💞 Inspires to live with greater Joy & Gratitude💞 Increases empathy & compassion💞 Powerful Heart Chakra balancer💞 Helps us celebrate living in the moment & releasing all fearFear can remain stagnant in the heart chakra after heartbreak, grief or loss, or trauma. This fear holds us back from being able to fully access the love we deserve to receive & give for ourselves and from/to others.The Ruby Zoisite is decorated with a faceted Clear Quartz crystal which amplifies this energy of Heart Healing.Each Ruby has a stunning sheen flash!Only 2 unique necklaces available. See photos for choosing! Comes on a matching 18” chain. These pieces are delicate beauties! ✨

Anahata - Heart Chakra Necklaces

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