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The Age of Aquarius is upon us.

The Age of rebirth & renewal.

The Age of leaving behind old concepts that no longer serve us, and adopting new ways of being that progress humanity.

The Age of expanded consciousness, where we can tune into a further state of enlightenment.

This is the energy that came to me after creating this piece. I didn’t realize until I was finished that this was the concept I was channeling through the process of this creation.

This piece was created for the Wayshowers, the leaders who will guide us into the new paradigm.

Is it You?

This large crystal of this piece is Clear Quartz, and its crown is decorated with a Blue Sapphire with a record keeper, and 2 Herkimer Diamonds.

Blue Sapphire:

- Psychic Awareness
- Brings Deep Insight
- Stone of Wisdom
- Helps with Self-Discipline
- Helps Clear Communication

This Blue Sapphire holds the power of a Record Keeper. This is the triangle shape you see perfectly framed in copper on the face of the crystal.

Record Keepers are said to hold specific information for future generations, and specifically, certain people, to access, placed on the face of crystals as time capsules by the people of Atlantis, an ancient civilization.

Herkimer Diamond:

- Stone of Attunement
-  Quartz of high vibrational light
- Helps clear energies that are keeping you stagnant
- Assists in spirit guide connection
-  Clears & balances the Crown & Third eye chakras

Clear Quartz:
- The ‘All Healer’ Crystal
- Balances all chakras but specifically the Crown Chakra
-  Powerful amplifier
- Purifying
- Brings deep clarity

This piece is a powerhouse looking for its rightful owner!

Comes on a matching 20” chain.


Age of Aquarius Necklace

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