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Afterlife Necklace 💀🐍

This piece features a flashy Labradorite skull, with a copper snake wrapped around the skull, where it dwells. The soul of the skull owner lives on in the snake.


✨Protection stone

✨Wonderful aid through change & spiritual transformation

✨Strengthens intuition & psychic abilities

✨Stone of Mysticism

✨Helps you tap into your creative energy

✨Connects you with higher consciousness

Snakes have been depicted as both “bad” and “good” since the beginning of time. Snakes have been symbolized as both evil & chaos as well as fertility, life, & healing.

I’m spirituality, snakes represent:

🐍 Creative Life Force

🐍 Fertility

🐍 Rebirth

🐍 Transformation

🐍 Immortality

🐍 Healing

🐍 Earth energy

🐍 Feminine sexual energy

Currently only one available.

Comes on a matching 20” chain.


Afterlife Necklace

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