Made with cedar, lavender, & rose petals! Created to celebrate Imbolc, the halfway point between winter and spring, which is celebrated this year on February 1st. The holiday celebrates the sun being out longer and the new beginnings that spring will bring. I also added rose petals and pink string to these bundles since we are so close to Valentine’s Day.  Cedar is great to burn when just moving into a home as it invites unwanted energies to leave & protects the space & person from unwanted influences. It attracts good energy, confidence and strength, and is very soothing and calming. Lavender is cleansing, creates the energy of happiness and healing, and purifies and brings tranquility. Rose is a high vibrational flower whose frequency is the same as love! It opens you up to both receiving and giving unconditional love and is connected to the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Light this bundle under the divine energy of Imbolc and infuse it with your intention. Please burn responsibly! This listing is for 1 Imbolc burn bundle. 

Imbolc Burn Bundle